The Barn Owl…..

 I was wondering which photograph to post for my first-ever blog entry. I then came across my first-ever Barn owl photo, which quite aptly was taken a year ago today! I checked the date as this owl became an almost daily sighting for me last summer, and I wanted to know the date that I first encountered him.




Most evenings there-after he would be hunting the same area of rough grassland for field voles, then fly off with them to feed his mate and presumably offspring. The hunting ground is an old pit-stack, so its fairly high up and allows a good view over relatively flat farmland. Each time the owl caught a prey item, he would fly really high and then glide off over the fields into the distance. I could watch it until it reached Mickletown, a village about 3 miles away as the crow (owl) flies, then I would lose him in my binoculars. I timed the departure until next arrival as roughly 12 minutes each time. This gave me plenty of opportunity to run around and get into a concealed position, ready to snap away on its return. It was very frustrating when he would arrive back only to hunt at the far side of the stack, catch a vole within 2 minutes, and then be away again for 12. If I decided to move to the far side, I could almost guarantee he would return to where I had just been!


Barn Owl -Tyto alba


~ by nwgphotography on June 9, 2009.

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